To help people understand the importance of connecting with nature I often cite the numerous scientific studies that show how interaction with nature improves various aspects of our health.

Here are a few of them (all the links lead you to scientific papers):

These studies and the scientific methodology seem to satisfy our logical and rational mind. They take nature connection out of the woo-woo tree-hugging world and into the practical, evidence based ‘reality’.

For some people this is the ticket they need to get out into the woods for a while and get some ‘results’.

But ultimately, amid all these individual case studies and individualized effects, the truth is that a holistic relationship with the natural world through nature connection is the foundation of our wellbeing and identity as humans.

Nature is our source and sustenance.

Nature is the place where we stand, the air we breathe, water we drink, food we eat and literally who we are. Click To Tweet

The experience we have in life is only available to us by virtue of living on planet Earth.

It’s a no-brainer really but an important one – no matter what path we choose in life, nature is the foundation of it all.

And so if there is anything to heal from or challenges to overcome, nature is a guide and the source of our healing.

I recently listened to an interview with Caroline Myss, the awesome medical intuitive, healer, author & life changer (Google her to find out more if you are not an avid follower already as she is amazing). As a person who has written numerous books and has years of experience on the subject of healing from a physical and metaphysical viewpoints, she stated clearly that our health is not derived from one area of our lives.

We are multi-dimensional beings – our health is based on a multiplicity of factors including our physiology, heredity, diet, lifestyle, thoughts, beliefs, relationships, energy, environment, history, culture, archetypes and spirituality to name just a few!

Caroline Myss went on to say that with all of these factors to take into account, the best overall advice she gives to people is to get in harmony with ‘the laws of nature’.


We can start to understand the ‘laws of nature’ and live a more holistically healthy and fulfilling life by getting out and gaining firsthand experience of how nature works on this Earthly realm and how we are intimately embedded within it.

Only when we connect with nature around us can we more fully understand and appreciate ourselves as part of nature and live in harmony with the laws.

Nature connection supports all the other paths we take to find holistic wellness.

So as a coach, healer or anyone engaged in personal and planetary transformation we must include nature connection as a foundational part of our practice to be effective in our outcome.

To start this process, spend some regular time in nature with the openness to receive guidance, answers to questions, clarity, peace and healing.

Or simply just be.

That’s more than good enough.

Let me know how you get on!




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