I AM Nature Affirmation Cards

The ‘I AM Nature Affirmation’ Cards are a beautiful deck of cards which feature written affirmations and images of nature.

Each card offers you an affirmation and image that reflects the best qualities of your most true inner nature.

As well as a personal affirmation, the cards are a message from the natural world and an invitation for you to connect with the nature around you. They are the voice of nature speaking to you and through you.

Uniting the power of the statement ‘I AM’ with the power of Nature our personal and planetary wellness is experienced as one.

Using these cards is a pathway for you to slow down, feel into your senses, increase your perception, honour yourself and enjoy an increased level of appreciation for life.

The 32 large-sized cards come with a concise guidebook that includes instructions on the process of using the cards with the practices of Affirmation, Nature Connection & Gratitude.

Who can use the cards?

Almost anyone! Here are some suggestions:

  • You – Your cards can be your own personal practice or you can share them with your friends and family at get-togethers. 
  • Children – Children of all ages love these cards which give them a positive message whilst also helping them understand their connection to the natural world.
  • Teachers and Educators – If you are an educator of any kind you can use them in your nature groups, summer camps, after-school clubs as a group practice. You can also bring them into the classroom for micro-breaks that boost attention and self-esteem or use them as a fun and interactive homework project.
  • Parents – These cards are a perfect way for you to get outside with the kids and be engaged and playful in the natural world. As a mama of two young children I personally testify that parenting is soooo much easier in nature!
  • Couples – the cards offer you a perfect way to affirm positive qualities in each other and root your personal love within the unconditional love of the natural world.
  • Yoga teachers  – Offer your students a guided meditation based on the cards or have your yoginis read a card before the end of class to take the peacefulness of their session out into the world.
  • Coaches – Help your clients boost self-esteem and gain a greater sense of personal empowerment and well-being by using these cards in your sessions and as a practice in between your appointments.
  • Businesses – The cards can be used for team building activities, staff wellness breaks and to further positive collaborative engagement in the work place. They can also be used as ice-breakers to any meeting.
  • Retreat/workshop facilitators – Take the cards on a wellness retreat to provide a focused way for participants to honor themselves and nature as a path to transformation and vibrant wellness!.
    You can read more detailed guidance for how to use the cards for personal practice and group work in the bonus digital guidebook.

Why do I need Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements said in the present moment to affirm a truth, offer encouragement and invoke a new feeling and way of being.

We are bombarded by so many messages from family, society and advertising, social media that ‘you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, rich enough, enough enough!’  This negativity finds its way into the way we talk to our own selves. We are often so hard on ourselves for minor ‘mistakes’ or live paralyzed by fear because we don’t want to mess up and make the wrong move.

Affirmations can help us

  • counteract negative self-talk (that irritating voice in our heads that poops on our desires)
  • stretch beyond the mediocrity of our comfort zone
  • open us to embody something bigger than our current circumstances.
  • boost self-esteem, confidence and well-being by
  • cultivate an inner knowing and Self-assurance that does not depend on external validation.
  • ignite new neural pathways in our brain and turn on different chemical reactions in our body and so that transformation is an inevitable outcome rather than a constant struggle.
  • be happier, healthier and smile a lot more 🙂

What are the benefits of Nature Connection?

We are born out of nature, dependent on nature and we are nature. However so many of us humans have increasingly become separated from the natural world and out of tune with natural rhythms.

When we are out of touch with nature we are out of touch with ourselves.

Nature Connection is simply the way we can consciously explore and enjoy our relationship with the rest of the web of life and enhance our own inner nature.

Science now shows us that human beings NEED connection with nature for holistic health and psychological wellbeing. For example:

A recent study by the University of Melbourne showed that looking at an image of nature for just 40 seconds provides a restorative experience that boosts the mental resources that control attention.

The research showed that a micro-break of nature helps people perform better on tasks and improve concentration levels. Lead researcher Dr Kate Lee, of the University of Melbourne Faculty of Science, concluded that “It’s really important to have micro-breaks. It’s something that a lot of us do naturally when we’re stressed or mentally fatigued. There’s a reason you look out the window and seek nature, it can help you concentrate on your work and to maintain performance across the workday.”

Nature connection has also been proven to reduce stress, increase cognitive functioning, reduce depression, enhance beneficial social interactions, contribute to feelings of happiness & contentment and promote mindfulness,

The ‘I AM Nature’ cards are an invitation to be more observant of the world around you. The process outlined in the guidebook shares simple ways to connect with nature in daily life.

It does not matter if you live in a city – nowhere is completely devoid of nature. Even in the most barren of concrete jungles there is always the sky, the weather, the air and that tenacious little weed springing forth from the cracks in the pavement!

Hi! I’m Terri the creator of the ‘I AM Nature’ Affirmation Cards. I’ve always been a nature-loving person and in 2004 I moved from London to live in the Nature Island of the Caribbean. Since then I’ve been helping people experience the healing intelligence of the natural world through workshops, retreats and online classes. The idea of these cards came to me as a message from nature, to replicate an activity I do with participants in my workshops and help people experience their deep interconnection with nature wherever they are on the planet. I’m thrilled to now launch these cards which encourage affirmations, nature connection and gratitude so that they can be used around the world. Onelove

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