“Wait a minute. Is that a typo? I thought this blog was about nature not social-bloomin-media. What’s going on Terri?”
“Hi Love, thanks for dropping by for this post. Let me explain what I mean by that title…”


I love reading all the latest research that shows the profound effect nature has on our psychological health.

As someone who experiences a deep connection to the natural world, they often seem obvious.

However I’m glad that the proof is there. It justifies the work I do and helps people take nature connection more seriously.

Most of us have had some experiences of the rejuvenating effects during and after spending time in nature.

Just escaping from the office for a 5 minute breath of fresh air or getting the children out of the house for 10 minutes in the garden can shift moods, attitudes and bring us back from temporary insanity (that last one may be just me).

Research done by many cool scientist folks show that while nature immersion is best, even looking at pictures of nature can have a positive effect on our mood.


Just looking at a nature image can be uplifting and help us feel more relaxed and focused. Click To Tweet

If you are living in an urban environment or have limited access to nature on a daily basis, it’s worth getting a book such as the iconic Earth from Above or National Geographic’s Sublime Nature and feast your eyes on a few pages whenever you feel a drop in energy or vitality. Try it instead of coffee…it may just be the boost you need without any side effects!

An easy digital fix is the world of Instagram with nature-focused users posting beautiful nature photos from around the world.

If you need a quick dose of nature therapy in the midst of your busy day please hop on over to Instagram and follow @liveyournature (me) to get regular photos of our life in nature. (Once you follow, please give me a shout out so I can follow you back and enjoy looking at the world through your eyes too.)

You can also use hashtags such as #nature #wilderness #gooutside

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Along with the abundant tropical nature photos, I also post mini blog posts with inspiration and ideas on connecting with nature and positive nature connection quotes.

Of course we need to be sensible about it…social media can be addictive. Scrolling through endless posts, no matter how beautiful they are, is going to increase our screen time and reduce the time we have to actually get outside and experience the increased benefits of sensory, real time connection with nature.

But as a temporary nature fix, an insta-nature photo here and there can be restorative.

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We also create our world based on what we focus on the most. Regularly viewing photos of nature may be the encouragement to get outside into our own environment and get into some nature connection in real time.

So on those days when work has you skip your lunch break or you are inside with your children, consult your nature photo books and check me out on Instagram for a digital dose of nature’s healing power.

See ya there

Wild Love

Terri xxx

P.S. If you are not an Instagram fan then I’m also on Facebook  and most of my Insta pics go there too along with numerous other feel-good links about nature connection.

P.P.S The book links are Amazon affiliate links which means that if you purchase any of these awesome books through that link I will get a little commission that will go towards helping me keep up with the reading habits of my children.

P.P.S Feel free to share this post with friends or family that may need a good dose of nature therapy.

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