So the Internet is abuzz with details of the Super Moon lunar eclipse. (27th September 2015)

Up in the Caribbean rainforest, we were witness to a glorious sight of the moon rising above the mountains with a rainbow-like aura. The sky and our garden were illuminated with silvery light that cast a glow of magic on everything.

My children stayed up late to witness this special event and were very excited. It was a lovely moment that was inspiring, mystical, breathtaking and… covered by clouds after a short while!

Lunar Eclipse as we saw it before the clouds came in! Image courtesy, Paul Crask.

Lunar Eclipse as we saw it before the clouds came in! Image courtesy, Paul Crask.

However, what made me even more excited was that it was truly a magnificent occasion for nature to shine.

At least for one night people other than hardcore astronomers, left the comforts of the indoors to get outside and watch the night sky.

Nature got our attention in a positive way.

My social media feed was full of posts from people going out in the night to watch the moon.

There was excitement and sense of community as we discussed our moon-viewing plans and then shared what we saw.

People all around the world were watching the same moon.

It sounds obvious but this is a deeply unifying nature-connection practice.

This lunar eclipse was a chance for nature to remind us that we are all one under the same sky, watching the same moon, lit by the same sun, on the same earth, breathing the same air, drinking the same water, held down by the same gravity….you get the point.

Nature attracted our attention to share its big message:

‘Nature is UNITY’

We are all one under the same moon. Nature is Unity.

We are all one under the same moon. Nature is Unity.

Watching the cosmos also connects us to our ancient ancestry. We have the cellular memory of generations who sat under the night sky, observed patterns, predicted weather, and were awed by the mystery of the sky.

Nature connection is written into our genetic blueprint.

We are drawn to look at the moon and share in this collective experience by the very cells in our body that long to be connected to the natural world and each other.

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The images of the Moon eclipse remind me of the first iconic images of the Earth from space where we saw for the first time, our planet as a floating sphere in space.

Looking at the moon – our closest partner in this massive solar system – we can remember the magic of being alive on this planet and appreciate that life really is a miracle to be enjoyed to the fullest.

So even though I didn’t get to see a three-hour spectacular eclipse, I’m not disappointed. I’m basking in the sense of awe, wonder and unity that nature always provides.

Tell me – how was your experience of the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse? Are you getting the most out of being connected to Nature?

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