It’s amazing what beauty is revealed when you slow down and walk with eyes and senses fully open. Noticing the details is a simple nature meditation that unlocks new worlds around and within us.

However I’ve realized that my senses are switched on a bit too much for living in industrial culture. I’m hyper sensitive to the silent ecocide around me (the overuse of plastic is a nightmare) and the hum of ‘white noise’ at night (usually the fridge in the next room) sounds like an airport to my ears. It’s inconvenient to be awake at 4am with eco-anxiety and humming in my ears but I appreciate the senses that keep me alert to nature, to life, to my wild soul.

How do you balance staying open and aware to life whilst navigating the modern world?

For me it’s important to spend as much time as I can in nature and keep life simple.

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