Bee Calm Balm

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Keep Calm and use Bee Calm Balm. Rub in this Zen blend to soothe irritated skin, calm an overworked mind and restore frazzled nerves. The super nourishing Bee Calm Balm is infused with the ultra chilled combo of Lavender, Chamomile, Frankincense and Mandarin to offer a relaxing and multipurpose balm for your body.  



Open your jar of Bee Calm Balm and inhale the relaxing aroma blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Frankincense and Mandarin essential oils with the honeyed fragrance of Nature Island beeswax. It’s a mild blend that is effective but not overpowering.

Rub into your temples to calm an overworked mind or use on any part of your body that needs moisturizing or a little extra TLC.

The handy 1oz jar is lightweight and compact for you to carry around everyday in your bag. It comes in useful for a child who has scraped their knee, a stressed co-worker, sunburned or irritated skin, to add extra moisture to skin that is dry from air conditioning or cold weather and many other uses that you will discover!

If you only buy one balm – get Bee Calm!

All the Bee Natural Balms are made with pure Beeswax and Castor Oil from the Nature Island of Dominica.

Beeswax is a ancient remedy for healing that protects and nourishes the skin and seals in moisture without blocking the pores.

It retains a delicate aroma of honey. Castor oil is a thick and enriching oil that promotes skin hydration. These locally sourced ingredients are blended with:

Organic African Shea Butter – concentrated natural vitamins and fatty acids in this plant butter soften the skin and have anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Hemp Oil – made from the seeds of the hemp plant, this oil is rich in Omega acids 3, 6 and 9 and helps to hydrate and soothe the skin whilst reducing signs of aging.

Pure Essential Oils are added for their therapeutic properties and delicious aroma which provide healing for body and mind.

That’s it… No fillers, parabens, glycerine, sulphites or artificial fragrances. This is Nature in a jar.

Order today for youself, as a special gift or for anyone who needs to Bee Calm!

5 reviews for Bee Calm Balm

  1. Sandra

    This is my favorite Balm: I put a bit in my hands before going to bed, after house chores, when stressed or anxious … I have also used it as lip balm! I love its sweet calming smell and how thick and nourishing feels on my skin… also use it to massage my feet after a hard day… So many uses! It is possible that I am totally biased because I love ALL of LIVEYOURNATURE products but this one… this one is my favorite because I can use it so many ways!

  2. Mick

    My daughter used this because she got bitten by ants. We seem to have loads of red ants. She showed me how it not only stopped the itch but it removed the red marks and she felt so much better. She also said if she applied it at nights it calms her and helps her sleep. This is a must have.

  3. Laetitia

    My favourite hand balm, perfect for dry or irritated skin. I love that this balm is made of only a few, natural ingredients. Easy to spread, not too greasy, with a soothing lavender scent… I just love it!

  4. Jo

    I love the smell of this it’s so calming to smell when your tired and soothing to the skin . Even my dry skin which this soothes instantly

  5. Wendy

    I love this Bee Calm Balm! Lavender is one of my favourite calming scents, so to be able to rub a soft, luscious balm to soothe my skin and my mind was pure delight. I found this to be a high quality product. Will definitely buy it again!

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