Life is a magical process.

Here we are tethered to a spinning planet which is orbiting a giant star within a spiral galaxy that is one of millions of galaxies. Contemplate your existence for a minute and it’s almost too awesome to grasp!

Just as the entire Universe is expanding, we are expanding too. It is our nature to grow and become more of what we are.

Yet there are times when we may feel stuck and stagnant. We need a change of direction, focus, intention…something!

And if that is the case then starting small can help. Really small. Small as a seed.

Start with a seed?

Yes. Gather your supplies – potting soil, a plant pot/seedling tray and a packet of seeds. Place your mind to be in the present moment and take a journal and pen to document the journey.

I recommend planting herbs or flowers. Herbs have magical powers in themselves that have the ability to heal and make your food taste awesome. They are generous, giving their flavour and health properties willingly to those who cultivate them. Flowers will bloom with magic and brighten your life with colour.

Planting seeds

As you open the seed packet, know you are going to participate in a very magical and creative act. You are going to bring forth more life!

Take a look at the small seed in your hand. Think about the life force energy that is contained in that small seed. This life force of pure potential is within you also.

Now think of something that you wish to grow into a bigger vision.  As you place the seed in the rich dark soil, plant that thought in the fertile ground of your mind. Know that the thought has great power to grow if you water it, shine light upon it and protect it from weeds. Over the next days and weeks nurture your plant seed and your seed of thought. Watch them both grow and marvel in the magic that unfolds.

Symbolic open head avatar

Write your vision in your journal if that is helpful. Write and say daily affirmations as a way to feed your mental seed. Help your vision to grow by holding faith that like your plant seed, it will find its way out of the darkness and into the light. Remember that before you can see any visible signs of growth, the plant is making a root system to nourish itself. Similarly, you must grow your roots with positive mental attitude and absolute certainty of your results. Do not always expect this process to be pretty. As inspirational author Cynthia Ocelli reminds us:

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”

Be patient – with the seed and yourself.

Watch the first shoots of your plant that push their way from the earth into the air. Give yourself that space to breath into your new thoughts. Cultivate a magical mind shift. Grow with the power of the nature within you.

Remember that the first leaves of the new plant are not its true leaves. Maybe your first steps will not be exactly like the finished vision – just keep growing.

Plants growing from soil-Plant progress isolated

Pull out any weeds that try to fight for the same nutrients and space as your plant. Pull out weed-like thoughts from your mind that try to take over your personal sunshine.

As your plant emerges reflect on what is emerging from you also. Be in the magic of growth and allow yourself to flourish.


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