MayfairA year ago I was crowdfunding (aka hustling) my ‘I AM Nature’ Affirmation Cards into being. They were an all-consuming passion project, given to me as an idea in a nature meditation and would not let me sleep properly until I had birthed them.

One solar cycle later I’m sitting in the garden, soaking in the healing images and powerful statements – needing to hear and feel every single one and feeling so grateful that they are in existence even if just for my own personal use. In this photo are the cards that resonated the most for me today.

In this last year the cards have had two print runs and I have only about 7 decks left which is reason to celebrate but I still desire to find a publisher who will take these cards and their important messages out to more people who need to enjoy a loving connection to nature and themselves. For now I’m using them again daily because in the midst of the challenges that currently abound, I need these reminders that nature has my back.

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