Do you have a mindfulness practice?

A mindfulness practice is a way to connect yourself to the present moment, feel calmer and enjoy more out of life.

It sounds great right?

But how many of us get so caught up in the day to day ‘doings’ that we have little time to be human ‘beings’?

I know I do.

Thankfully nature offers us ways to develop more mindfulness.

Nature is constantly changing and reminding us to be in the present moment because this is where life happens!

I get very excited to talk about the joys of a nature mindfulness practice so I decided to put myself in front of the camera and explain how you can create your own mindfulness practice in nature today.

The thing I love about having a mindfulness practice in nature is that it’s always available. I don’t have to go shut myself away from the world, chant a mantra or focus on anything else other than the present moment.

Nature already provides us very real physical health benefits and nature connection has been proven to decrease stress and increase happiness.

Developing our soul capacity for mindfulness and present moment awareness can be added to the long list of nature connection benefits.

I’d love for you to check it out the video (it’s just 6mins long) and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Tell me do you have a mindfulness practice already or do you plan to create one after watching this?

Give your mind a rest, be present and go watch this now…



P.S. Simply pausing in your day to take a conscious breath is also another great mindfulness practice and you can read more about that here

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