Dear one, let me ask you a question…

Do you ever feel like you are not good enough?

I ask you this question because whilst not many of us talk about it, I’ve come to realize that most people are feeling it in some way in their lives.

Even though this disease of I’mnotgoodenoughitis afflicts so many of us, it’s kept silent and in the shadows most of the time.

It secretly tells us – ‘I’m not a good enough parent/employee/entrepreneur/spouse/sibling/person.’

It cries out ‘I don’t know enough, I don’t have enough, I am not smart enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not healthy enough, I’m not funny enough, I’m not organized enough, I’m not creative enough etc, etc, etc…’

Most of us do not want to slip into complacency about our lives and are always wanting to improve our skills. But with ‘not enough’ hanging around we do not get a chance to celebrate our wins and, indeed, our simple humanity.

Maybe ‘not enough’ wanted to be a cheerleader but most often it’s a doom-maker that causes so many of us hold ourselves up against a long list of failed to-dos, high standards that are not really our own and an imaginary life filled with way too many things to accomplish and, at the end of the day despite all that we go through, we still feel plain not good enough.

I share all this because recently I was having my own ‘I’m not good enough’ meltdown where I was going through all that I just described above.

I can’t remember exactly what triggered it but I was feeling miserable and crappy as my internal negative self talk was running the show.

And it was quite a show – all glitzy and loud with real PROOF of my total inadequacy. All my insecurities and imperfections were on display with bright lights to magnify them.

Feeling lowly and downcast I sat outside in the cool of the night, thinking probably the only sensible thing to do would be to go to bed and hope that sleep would press the rest button on my gloom.

Although I feel vulnerable in admitting this, ‘I’m not good enough’ has been a well-known companion for as long as I can remember… and while it no longer takes me to the depths of despair it still batters my confidence, stalls my projects, halts my conversations and silences my voice more than I’d like to admit because again…that would make me feel ‘not good enough!’

Yet somehow another ‘voice’ was able to break through the noise that night. Even though it was quieter, it came from within. It moved through my heart and body, rather than just playing around in my head. It simply whispered 3 words.

“I AM Enough.”

I almost jumped and as I looked out into the inky darkness of the night time sky, the image of our entire magnificent planet appeared to my inner vision.

This was both the voice of my heart and the Earth.

I realized that my sense of not-enoughness is the same insult that has been wrought upon the Earth.

And immediately I just knew I had to create this new nature affirmation card for both of us.


When I look at this card I feel a sense of satisfaction and gratitude; a sense of peace and wellbeing. Of Enoughness. Do you?

A soothing yet powerful presence seemed to guide me to write this message to accompany the card:

Please know that right here, right now, you are enough.

It’s really important that you get this because the idea of not being, doing or having enough is a runaway feeling that pervades your individual and collective life and leaves you hungry with an appetite that can never be satiated.

This feeling destroys all in its path to feel the elusive ‘enough’ which always remains tantalizingly around the corner.

‘Not enough-ness’ creates dissatisfaction, resentment, insecurity and warfare.

Not enough keeps you trapped in consumerism, always hoping that there is an outside fix for your inadequacy.

Or not-enoughess shows up as not ‘doing’ enough for others or for a cause, which then leads to overdoing, accompanied soon after by burn-out, anger and resentment.

Trying and striving to be good enough usually involves putting on facades, keeping all your ‘unpleasant’ emotions inside and building walls instead of bridges between yourself and others – all of which is energy draining and prevents your fullest expression.

In contrast simply being enough frees you to be your imperfect self – real, authentic and full of flaws – because that is exactly what you are supposed to be! Being ‘enough’ will open you up to an even greater spectrum of experiences.

Where did you get the idea that life can only be good enough if you have everything completely sorted out, are constantly on a high of success?

Life ebbs and flows, it cycles through seasons, there is night and day, the moon waxes and wanes and so too does your internal energy flow, your moods, your cells – nothing is static.

You don’t even have to feel bad about feeling bad!

To say ‘I AM Enough’ is a radical act of Self-acceptance and love. Say it. Feel it. Know it.

This feeling of ‘enough’ will ripple out to the way you treat others and the Earth. Our planet is enough, there is enough for everyone once you stop searching for ‘more’ and get real with all that is already here, moment by moment.

It is enough to be alive today. It’s enough to breathe. It’s enough to smile. It’s enough to cry. It’s enough to love. It’s enough to be human. It is enough to be nature”

This card and its message was a gift to myself and now my gift to you.

If you are ever feeling ‘not good enough’ I hope it helps you remember and connect with the sustainable and enduring presence of nature around you and within you and to know that you, dear one, are enough.

I AM Enough

The Earth is Enough

We are One


Terri EarthDancer

P.S. This new ‘I AM Nature’ Affirmation Card is part of a digital collection of extra cards I’m giving away free until 25th November with every purchase of the nature affirmation card decks. See for details.



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