“Terri’s Forest Bathing goes far beyond your typical guided walk through the forest, as this experience awakens and engages all the five senses with an intensity that is almost startling. It is Terri’s beautiful, open personality and sheer joy of being that literally carries you away on a tropical rainforest adventure like no other. With each bare-footed step you take, you move deeper into the rich, lush, green sweetness of the rainforest and slowly start to notice the countless inhabitants, creatures and living networks that make up this miraculous ecosystem. Even for those who have lived near forests, this is an experience worth trying, as it reminds us how far we have strayed from our natural origins, and “re-wilds” us again, if only just for a few hours. Terri’s Forest Bathing reconnects us to the beauty and wisdom of the rainforest, in a very profound and personal way, through sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Dominica is a rare gem among the Caribbean islands, as it has the last, intact Oceanic Rainforest in the region. Your visit to Dominica’s rainforest has the possibility to be transformative through Terri’s Forest Bathing Experience. I highly recommend it! ” ~ Jessica

It’s such a joy to spend time in the forest and share it’s healing powers. Would you like to join me for some #forestbathing?

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