I’m back!! After taking a pause to pack up and travel with the kids across the ocean to England I’m catching up with social media! We didn’t waste time to get immersed in the woods and enjoy some #forestbathing.

This helped to get grounded after jet lag and acquaint myself with the new plants I’m surrounded with. I’m here foraging nettle which I was super excited to see in such abundance.

Went to the library and checked out ‘The Thrifty Forager’ by Alys Fowler to get a grasp on all the wild foods available on this landscape. It’s very exciting to be on a new journey of plant discovery, sharpening my senses to be aware of edibles that can add some deep nutrition amid the plethora of domesticated plastic wrapped foods that fill the supermarket shelves here (on my first night here I had a nightmare and spent several sleepless hours thinking despondently about all the plastic) but I digress… I definitely hope to be a more effective forager in these next few months, eat locally, seasonally, sustainably and find many other ways to live wild and close to nature in the UK.

Feel free to recommend any books, classes or gatherings you think I should check out. Wild Love xxx

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