HudsonThis rainy weekend we went back for the last harvest of the red and purple plums that we discovered in abundance last week (see my 11lb photo!) We also found another tree bearing these golden yellow beauties a few streets away. These juicy gems were made into delicious jams and succulent ice pops.

It feels good to my bones to find and gather these local #feral fruits as an act of real food, free food acquisition amidst a landscape dominated by refrigerated, transported global produce.

A chance to gather food generously gifted from nature and process it from start to finish so it imbued with story as much as it is flavour. The yellow plums were joyfully hard to pick and I’m going to share about the #nutritiousmovement aspect of foraging in a next post. Each fruit we gather connects us to this place, this ecosystem where a sliver of wild nature remains.

I made this mandala when we arrived home to honour these gifts from nature and pause for contemplation and thanks; to celebrate their beauty and our relationship; to remember the lineage of our ancestral path and give energy towards a present/future where we create regenerative, nutrient dense, #rewilded ecosystems that support the health of us and our planet.

I realized when looking at this photo that the number 7 features prominently and their number is representative of a moon cycle – so it’s also become a dark moon into new moon blessing. 🌑🌒 wild love 🙏🏾

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