Taking a moment of joy in the fruits of English summertime and the lateness of the evening light that enabled me to take this photo at 9:30pm.

Feeling super #grateful to my uncle and aunt for opening up their home for us to stay with them and then bringing home organic fresh summer fruits like this from the allotment for us to enjoy.

Grateful to also have fruit that’s not wrapped in plastic like everything is here (but that’s another tangent that I’ll rant on later)…

I was also able to lazily #forage from their backyard blackcurrant plant which although still a domesticated species is a little more feral, renegade and thus hopefully filled with more #wildnutrition. They definitely are not as sweet which I feel is a good sign. Looking for a good way to process them into a syrup or jam without too much added sugar.

We’ve also just discovered several sources of wild rose hips which we will be using to make some kind of yummy medicine.
It’s exciting yet huge practice to learn a new landscape. I’m scanning the pathways as we walk looking for a plant allies – foods and medicine from the wild. Feeling wholly inadequate at it at present but gradually becoming acquainted with new friends.

And definitely enjoying indulging in as many bowls of strawberries as we can!

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