Ecotherapy – what is it? The word ecotherapy covers many different therapeutic experiences that take place in nature.

Here in Dominica, the Nature Island, I offer unique experiences that are a fusion of Ecopsychology and Bodywork, Meditation and Plant Medicine. These adventures allow you to connect deeply with the natural world and experience the very real and proven health benefits from spending conscious time in nature. Whilst these activities are exclusive to Dominica’s incredible ecosystem I do offer many tools and techniques that you can take back and apply in your daily life to enjoy greater levels of peace, inner wellness, fulfillment and relaxation.

Call or send a WhatsApp message to book your experience: +767 295 1655

Sulphur Spa Magic - Hot Water and Aromatherapy Massage

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Blissful Beach Nature Spa, Dominica, West Indies

The beach naturally makes us feel happier and healthier. Now you can enhance your beach trip with the Beach Bliss Nature Connection Spa experience…Learn More

Forest Bathing Ecotherapy

Soak in the ambience of the forest and sink into mindfulness practices that allow you to slow down, and rejuvenate in harmony with nature… Learn More

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