So it’s Earth Day. April 22nd 2015.

Of course as a nature-connected, Earth-loving person I want to celebrate our amazing planet and contribute to its wellness. But this year I’m feeling a little uneasy.

Why? Because since the first Earth Day on April 22nd 1970, the state of our planet, its biodiversity, cleanliness and ability to sustain life, is getting worse.

Now it’s my nature to be eternally optimistic and in a very real sense I can see the tides are turning and increasing numbers of us are waking up, adopting sustainable lifestyles and choosing to live in a more eco-conscious way. There are many reasons to be hopeful.

But I’m wondering if there is a way to make Earth Day more effective and powerful?

Earth - don't ya just love it?

Earth – don’t ya just love it?

In looking at Earth Day more closely I’ve found that many of the Earth Day messages and challenges are on giving up stuff for the day, recycling, planting trees, making a donation etc. But few of them are about long term connection and commitment with the Earth.

And whilst short term actions are great, they ultimately will not transform into the long term changes we need unless fueled by a deeper love.

Think about it like this. Valentines Day also comes around once a year and, however cynical you may be about this Hallmark holiday, the essence is on honouring the one you love. Now if the only thing you do for your loved one is to buy them a gift for Valentines and then completely ignore them for the rest of the year, you will find yourself single pretty fast. The one day celebration of Valentines is only made special by the ongoing relationship, connection and intimacy with your partner that happens every day.

The same applies to Earth Day.

So on Earth Day I’ll certainly sign up for eco-challenges, I’ll encourage anyone to plant a tree, sign a petition, clean a beach. But I know that the most important thing we can do is build an ongoing and loving relationship with the natural world and I have to take a stand for encouraging that too.

As we fall in love with the Earth and allow natures intelligence to shape our minds and hearts, we are on the path towards a beautiful and long-lasting relationship. This is a relationship that will grow to create long-lasting positive transformation in our personal lives, our immediate community and the world.

Nature connection1

Nature Connection Power – Nurture your Earth Relationship Every Day


So if you want to consciously connect with nature and be part of the change for Earth Day and beyond, sign up for my free 7-day ‘Nature Connection Power’ E-course. I’ll guide you through simple daily nature connection activities that decrease stress, increase happiness and create a foundation for a more nature-connected way of living that benefits both personal and planetary health.

Let us be the change on our planet by creating a loving, enjoyable and fun relationship with the Earth.


P.S For those of you lovely nature-connected people who have already taken the E-Course, please continue the practice! I have something special coming up for you soon.

Yes I Want the Free ‘Nature Connection Power’ E-Course

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