On Saturday I participated in the small climate change gathering in Dominica as part of the global marches to mobilize the world leaders before the big gathering in Paris this week.

Dominica Climate change gathering


I love all the action, the people power around the world rising up to reclaim our relationship with the Earth or at the very least getting motivated to save our own ass from the brink of destruction.

But for me climate change is just one feverish symptom of a much more deep rooted malaise that needs a completely holistic approach and multi-faceted treatment for us to arrive at a long lasting solution.

We need a revolution...not so much in the streets but within the human spirit. Click To Tweet

Everything…EVERYTHING is interconnected and if we are willing to strip away our conditioning and outdated stories and beliefs we may have a chance to get to the root of the problem and see a new flourishing of all systems on Earth.

The biggest opportunity we have in facing climate change and every other environmental and social issue is the evolution of human consciousness.

This is a dawn of a completely new age where we understand ourselves as holistic beings here to thrive and contribute with a purpose…fully appreciating and living with the knowing that we are all one. We are one with the Earth and we are united through nature with every other living being on the planet.

It’s a total paradigm transformation within ourselves and for our relationship with everything around us.

I’m starting with the person I see in the mirror – are you?

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