Blissful Beach Nature-Connection Spa

The beach provides a perfect combination of sun, sea and sand that naturally makes us feel happier and healthier. Now you can enhance your beach trip with the Blissful Beach Nature Connection Spa experience

Enliven your mind, body and spirit with a simple meditation practice, mindful movement and healing nature connection. Create your personalized body scrub, cleanse in the warm Caribbean sea and offer gratitude through nature art. This one-hour holistic spa experience invites you to gain more benefits from nature’s greatest wellness centre – the beach! This experience is suitable for individuals, couples and small groups.

To book: Call or WhatsApp +767 296 1655 or contact me online here


After an hour spent with Terri on the beach engaging in her spa experience, I felt completely rejuvenated and re-energized. As she guided me through the meditation, my stress and distractions completely disappeared. I savored the body scrub and appreciated choosing essential oils that appealed to me. I was amazed by the softness of my skin after a refreshing dip in the warm sea waters where I removed the sand-based concoction. After my search for fascinating natural beach debris, I was able to create a delightful design in the sand that resonated with me. Terri’s focused and systematic approach to reconnecting with the healing attributes of nature perfectly complements the overall Nature Island experience. Her gentle voice and warm personality enhance the pleasure of this unique Nature-Connection Spa. I came away from the beach in a more calm and focused frame of mind. I can’t wait to participate in another seaside spa session with Terri.

Gwen W

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