Birthing a Quiet Revolution

By embracing purity, accepting unconditional love and
intimately connecting with Spirit,
I conceive the mission with the seeds of imaginative thought
and plant it firmly – deep in the core of my being.
Nourishing with herbs and ital nutrition,
breathing clean air and inhaling inspiration,
faithful and focused with positive intention,
cultivating, sustaining and strengthening the vision,
with discipline, practice and repetition.
Opening chakras with moon meditations
raising myself on a mystical vibration
I labour to bring forth elevated consciousness
ancestors wisdom for the next generation
– a Onelove livity and civilization.
Nurturing my creativity, I expand with possibilities,
bulging and blossoming; ripe with fertility.
As I acknowledge and celebrate sacred divinity
in the natural world outside and the world inside of me
my mind, body and soul trinity develops and grows holistically.
By looking within and being the change I want to see
I co-create a new life
and give birth to a quiet revolution.

Terri Henry~August 2004

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