Need an instant mood lifter? Want to feel more positive? Listen to the birds.

Taking a few minutes to listen to the sounds of the birds, connects you to the present moment and the web of life.

Bird song helps us to feel relaxed yet alert and we can become filled with the joy of life.

Bird songs help us connect to our own inner 'songs' that need to be expressed in the world. Click To Tweet

In case you are in need of a quick dose of bird song now, I recorded you an excerpt from my garden. Take a minute to listen and enjoy the virtual nature connection.

Remember that bird songs are part of who you are.

Bird songs, just like all expressions of the natural world make up the human experience.

To fully experience the depth of our humanity we need to be informed and inspired by all the elements of the world around us.

Life without bird song is a sensory deprivation that diminishes our capacity for joy and connectedness with ourselves, others and the rest of nature.

So open your senses to the birds in your environment today. Listen and observe – Where do they live? What are their songs? What is your relationship with the birds?

Do this for a few moments in your day and you’ll begin to feel a greater sense of connectedness to the world and yourself.

Do it for a few moments over a week and you’ll probably never want to stop.

When we consciously connect to the natural world, we discover our own true nature. Click To Tweet

Being connected to the birds is an ancient practice that has helped humanity survive and thrive through the ages. More than ever in our modern times we need to nurture this connection to feel a sense of wholeness and satisfaction in our lives. Simply listening to the birds can become a restorative practice that leads you to greater vitality and well-being. Just try and see for yourself!

As always I love to hear from you so please leave a comment and share your birding experience with me.

From my heart to yours

Onelove ❤️

PS. Really – take 1 minute to view this video. It’s simple, nothing fancy, nature inspiration that I hope will brighten your day and help you stay connected to the larger part of yourself.

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