Hey Love!

I’ll get straight to the point here…

We both know that our modern civilization with its technological, urban, electrically powered living is a mere speck in our long evolution as humans.

And in that short time we’ve strayed far from the environments and elements that made us human, fuel our body and balance our ecosystems.

Let’s be real about it, while we may be enjoying many benefits of modern living, there are many more aspects of present day civilization that wreak havoc on our physical and mental health along with devastation to the Earth we live on.

There is another way.

The more you live in harmony with your body and bioregion, the greater your levels of health and happiness.

Personal and planetary wellness are woven together as one.

Real Self-care (i.e. not artificially fragranced bubble baths) is also Earth care.

And vice versa – when you collaborate with the systems of nature you also access an abundance of personal fulfillment and vitality.

Whilst there’s no ‘going back’ we can draw upon our collective ancestral wisdom to create a present and future that offer greater harmony and hope for all species – sapiens included.

Join me on a journey to rewild our lives – to be grounded in the natural world, enjoy a full sensory appreciation of nature and be an active part of her restoration.

You have a unique role in this unfolding drama of life

It’s time to play full out and Live Your Nature

I’m Terri ~ wild woman, eco mama, earth dancer, moon follower, sun worshipper, forest dweller, star gazer ~ yes you get it, I love the natural world!

My life long love for nature and passion for holistic wellness led me to create a life as a nature-wellness mentor to support you to connect to the natural world and your own inner nature for an uplifted life experience.

My vision is for us to live healthy and meaningful life on a planet that is also healthy and thriving.Even though that seems like an impossible dream sometimes, it’s a vision I am devoted to.

I offer pathways into the natural world so you can harness the creativity, intelligence and abundance of nature in your life and be part of a regenerative cycle on this beautiful planet.

Together we weave personal and planetary wellness as one.

I am your guide for Forest Bathing experiences, facilitator of online nature connection courses & crafter of custom-made Rewilding Retreats in the Caribbean paradise of Dominica where I live (Google if you have to, it’s not the Dominican Republic)


I’m also the creatress of the ‘I AM Nature’ Affirmation Cards and practice that provide a unique way to boost your confidence and wellbeing in harmony with the natural world.

You can buy the cards >>here<< or sign up below to get a trial version of the practice.

Please feel at home here and take a look around the website, get inspired on the Insta-Blog, read the articles and feel free to contact me to ask me any questions.

Let us liberate ourselves from this excessively indoors, technologically dominated, modern ‘version’ of life.


Together we will run outside feel the breeze

in our hair, climb the trees (and kiss them),

put our hands in the soil

and rewild our soul.

So now I’m passing the talking stick over to you…

Tell me what brings you here? Do you desire to live a life in greater harmony with nature or are you also a nature connected being with wisdom to share?

Please do get in touch by email, connect with me on Facebook, share photos with me on Instagram, and let me know about yourself.



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