Yay! It’s New Year’s Eve and tonight my little family of four will have a special sharing circle to map out our visions together for 2016.

It’s the first time we have been together like this for over 3 years so it is a special time of new beginnings.

Tomorrow we will take our intentions, visions and plans and plant them in the ground as fresh seeds; Herbs, flowers and vegetables that we can nurture alongside our commitment to nurturing our goals.

Planting seeds
To nurture a seed to grow to its fullest potential is not always easy.

Sure some seeds germinate with just a little water and thrive on a healthy dose of neglect.

Some seeds even flourish in the roughest of soils, sprouting up where they were casually tossed aside.

Some seeds can battle their way through vines that desire to choke them or weeds that suck all the nutrients around them.

I’ve certainly experienced variations of all of these this year – in both my garden and personal life.

Amidst the challenges I feel good that I’ve accomplished positive outcomes. There has been growth, change and flourishing.

Plants growing from soil-Plant progress isolated

But in the new year ahead I’m planning to get my seeds to grow with much less of the struggle.

This year I’m planting seeds of intention, discipline and action.

I am planting only that which I can manage to see through to harvest knowing that it really is more about quality than quantity.

I intend to pull away the weeds of my own self-doubt and give myself the space to grow in a garden of abundance, love, beauty and kindness.

I will be composting that which is no longer needed and recycle the waste into nutrients to fertilize that which is truly desired.

I will cut away any negativity that may want to keep me confined or silent. I know that this sometimes requires strong will to do so. And that’s okay. It’s okay to be strong and powerful in pursuit of what we came here for in this lifetime.

My daughter and I plant a seedling with Love.

My daughter and I plant a seedling with Love.

I’m taking more time to nurture the plants of my creativity that will not be abandoned to the forces of busyness and procrastination.

I plant myself in a supportive guild that enhances my growth through their own unique qualities and willingness to thrive in community.

And just like I do not dig up a seed after it is planted, I will continue to trust in my own process and have faith that with the right balance, I will flourish.


A glowing rose that currently blooms in my garden.

A glowing rose that currently blooms in my garden.

In 2016 I commit to be more aligned with the nature around me and within me so I can share the wisdom of nature and the magnificence of the Earth with others in a bigger way.

So tell me what seeds are you planting for yourself in 2016?

How will you use nature as your ally to help you accomplish your desires?

I look forward to bringing more nature connection practices into your life for 2016 and I thank-you greatly for receiving them, using them and making the world a better place.



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