NormalThe foragers.

We’ve been gathering wild raspberries every season since my kids could walk. No actually before that as I remember having one on my back! It’s such a simple but beautiful part of our lives that I’m reflecting on and realizing the significance of.

To be connected to a season, a bioregion, wild landscapes and the food it offers is such richness. It feels like we have a privilege that was once the norm in a much deeper way and yet has been so forgotten. We are remembering.

Accessing even small amounts of this hunter-gather, indigenous lifestyle is so supportive for our fully functional health. Wild foods awakens our DNA with real aliveness and strength.In the last week we have foraged for fruits, herbs and mushrooms and are constantly expanding our awareness of wild plants we can use.

There is always more to learn and grow in connection with nature and I love it!

Rewilding is a lifetime adventure.


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