MayfairWhen my neighbour gave us a breadfruit this morning and the weather looked bright it was the perfect reason to walk up to the river and get some naked sun time in while building a fire to roast our lunch!

Great dose of #wildelements to support our health, experiential learning and exploration (for me as much as the kids) and joyful time outside away from the confines of domesticity!

Before we left the house we had started gathering our supplies together to make a bow drill and a pump drill so we can start our own fires the #ancestral way but we still need some time to complete the process.

This fire took some energy to get going as so much of the wood was damp from being close to the river. The bamboo twigs proved an excellent fire builder that helped the larger logs dry out. We used some #gommier to help it catch in the early stages. It ended up being great team work with all of us #foraging for materials and enjoying the success of the hot orange flames and of course, the perfectly cooked breadfruit.


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