HefeThe bliss after 10 minutes with a tree! I was participating in a rewild challenge with Tree Girl. This week we were to take the time to connect with a tree for at least 10 minutes. I chose a sprawling tangerine tree in my back garden. I sat and watched the tree, wondering why it does not bear fruit and if it no longer has much life in it. I then saw new shoots on it which surprised me – there is clearly life in it yet. The new green branches were covered in thick spikes – SUPER SHARP. There were even thicker ones like iron nails on the bigger branches. Wow, I thought, the tree really has some awesome defenses. And, as I stroked some of the other moss covered branches I found it has a softer side too. I took one of the leaves which smells like the fruit, and inhaled – deeelicious fragrance of sweet tangerines.

A vine crawls up this tree and gives it a very ancient and magical look. This tree is its own ecosystem – home to many insects, lizards, birds and plants.

I walked around the tree to see it from another side. I had a sudden urge to remove my shoes almost as if the tree had told me to do it – like I had entered it’s house and this was the correct etiquette. I wondered if I could climb in the tree. I noted carefully the sharp spikes on some of the branches. I took one step up and pulled myself up but there was nowhere for my other foot to go so I let myself down again. I looked again and tried again, this time stepping the middle of my foot right onto one of the spikes that I had not noticed. Ow! I smiled and thought, ‘okay, it’s not the right time to climb in the tree!’ I continued to explore the tree and feel close to it when again I had another urge which seemed to come as a directive from the tree itself ‘Kiss my branches’ Ohhhh what a sweet invitation – I pressed my lips to a smooth branch, it was so soft and sensuous. I gave it lots of kisses and as I pulled away I noticed a few strands of my hair had caught up in one of the branches which seemed to be a totally loving exchange, like the tree wanted to keep some of me with it…. Continued in comments.

My foot was now bleeding a tiny amount from the scratch and this seemed like a necessary sacrifice – almost like me and the tree now had a blood bond – we were part of each other now.

At the end of our time I took some photos – this one seems to capture most the joy of the tree time.

Connecting with trees is an effective way to feel more joyful. How often do you connect with trees?




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