LudwigTransformation. I’ve been contemplating the process of transformation. It is the theme I chose for myself this year and in a full moon ceremony I attended last week it was the word I chose from a bag of 100 random words. No coincidences.

Transformation happens in the natural world in so many ways and is epitomized by the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly or, in the case of this photo, a moth. This beautiful white moth flew around me constantly one evening and then appeared on my back step the next morning as a messenger to remind me of my commitment. (I always say there is a Divine moth making machine because I see new moths almost every day of the year)

As miraculous as we all find the metamorphosis of nature, transforming as a human takes a lot more work and focused intention. I feel that I’m in the stage of mush in a chrysalis right now but there are no guarantees how this is going to turn out. To transform our behavior and lives as a human being takes courage, patience, dedication and sometimes a fight. A fight against cultural conditioning, societal expectations and self-imposed limitations. A fight for what we believe to be in our highest good, for a life we can be proud of and one that makes a positive difference in the little time we have passing through. So I’m sitting in the transformational mush, knowing that it’s up to me to encourage and direct my imaginal cells to grow in the way I desire, to not give up on the dreams of wings and when all I can do has been done, I have to surrender to the process.

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