So today was my birthday. It was quiet, low-key and full of the usual domestic routines of cooking, washing, laundry and all other Mama duties. It could have easily passed by as just another day. Except amidst the routine were sweet touches – the hand drawn card by my daughter and the ‘sorry I was too tired to make you a card’ from my son who later presented me with 2 love hearts penciled on a scrap of paper, a gift of organic kale and beans from my neighbour, the liberation colour pepper soon ready for harvesting, delicate flowers and heart leaves that I observed on my walk, my yummy homemade chocolate, the green grasshopper who came inside for us to watch through a magnifying glass and so much more that can not be captured by pictures. There was a full range of feelings from annoyance to exceptional gratitude. I accomplished a lot and left some things undone. It was a day to remind me that every single day of this one precious life is special even if there is no big celebration or party. The tiny details and baby steps matter. Nothing is ordinary. I am blessed for the miracle of life another day, another year and I give thanks.

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