Juno“In the beginning, there was no Earth, or any Sun to warm it. Our Solar System, with its glowing central star and varied planets and moons, is a relative newcomer to the cosmos – a mere 4.567 billion years old. A lot had to happen before our world could emerge from the void.
The stage was set for our planets birth much, much earlier, at the origin of all things – the Big Bang – about 13.7 billion years ago, by the latest estimates. That moment of creation remains the most elusive, incomprehensible, defining event in the history of the Universe. It was a singularity – a transformation from nothing to something that remains beyond the purview of modern science or the logic of mathematics. If you would search for signs of a creator God in the cosmos, the Big Bang is the place to start.” ~ Robert M. Hazen 🌍

These are the opening paragraphs of this amazing book ‘The Story of Earth’ which, even this lizard seems to be showing interest in!
I love the way he has captured the enormity of this wonderous event and admitted that it is really beyond even logical understanding. This magic moment that is the source of all our lives. I wish every child was read these words and taught to understand them. I’d also love for the religions of the world to agree on this as their foundation instead of the conflicting and outdated myths that cause so much confusion and division. The Divine mystery has been creating and weaving together life from the very beginning and is more incomprehensible and amazing than we can even imagine. There is no need to fight, we all are one and our diversity is a necessary and planned part of the whole. The more we connect to nature the more we can feel this and live it. Onelove Livity.

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