HefeWe long for fire. When a fire is lit we feel the energy of it in our ancestral memory. That fire represents community, a gathering, ceremony, ritual, storytelling, nurturing, our most basic necessity for warmth and safety and is an element that enabled us to flourish as a species. Now instead of keeping the village warm, cohesive, engaged, everyone is isolated, burning energy to light individual homes and burning down the world with consumption – the fire is now from coal powered, oil driven, nuclear factories that heat up our planet and destroy us.
When alone out in nature, making a fire is an initiation. To create fire is like lighting another being into life – a comforting and reassuring friend. I remember when I spent 3 days fasting in the woods alone and my only tasks were to carry water from the river and collect wood to make a fire. The fire making was a skill that I had to develop and each night as my fire got bigger, hotter and longer lasting I felt more empowered, confident and strong. This fire was part of my soul journey, coming to know myself in more vivid ways than I had before.
A coldness spreads to hearts and minds without the fire of community and the fire of the soul. Many are trying to warm it by consuming things that make the problem worse and do not fulfil our deepest longing. But times are changing – so many of us are making our way back to the fire, remembering who we really are and what we came here to do, coming full spiral and lighting our hearts with creativity and love, passion and purpose, healing and justice. We work to keep the fire energy alight and balanced within us – to give us the energy we need to thrive and yet not so much to burn out.
The fire element is destructive to that which no longer serves us. It guides us to focus on all that we can feel deeply warmed by – to create collaborative partnerships, enjoy loving friendships, dance wildly, and rekindle the sacred flame to light the way forward and pass on to the next generation.

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