Hefe“Once you are aware of the wonder and beauty of the earth, you will want to learn about it” Rachel Carson. 🌍 A quote from a true pioneer of nature love and connection. 💚 And there is so much to learn about nature on all levels. I mean I like to just feel out the vibes from elements of nature even if I don’t know the name or qualities. This is an element of learning. And yes I want to know all the scientific details too! I seriously need to get a field guide to mushrooms found in the Caribbean so I can get more acquainted. I thought these might be Turkey Tails but after watching a video by the brilliant Dan de Lion of Return to Nature I now know that I needed to investigate the underside to tell whether it was a true one. In this video he was also explaining the amazing benefits of our fungi friends and I want to include their immune balancing qualities in our lives. A healing pharmacy us available to us so freely from nature.

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