I thank-you in advance for reading this.
I’ve been giving thanks for everything recently – even more than usual.
And it’s incredible.
Gratitude is an essential, yet often neglected, life practice.
Gratitude is a state of thankfulness, appreciation and love that changes our vibration to be so much more positive, optimistic and receptive.
Being grateful can shift a bad mood in seconds, stop complaints in their tracks and generally put a more rose-tinted glow on everything around us!
Combine gratitude with nature connection and you have a really potent mix – it’s like the ‘Drink Me’ potion that Alice needed to get into Wonderland. It opens a doorway into a more enjoyful and peaceful life.
Spending time in nature is a powerful reminder to slow down and be in a state of gratitude for everything.
Nature provides so much for us for free. Every day we are given breath, gravity, a protective atmosphere, water, food and warmth (sometimes not so much warmth, but still enough to keep us alive!). Nature provides beauty, tranquility, peace of mind, enjoyment and a reliable precision that keeps the Earth rotating around the sun each day.
We have a heart beat and an intelligent body with trillions of cells that all do their job – mostly without even needing our conscious input.
The gifts of nature are our birthright and yet we have no right to be unappreciative.
When receiving a gift it is basic politeness to say thank-you.
One really important gift nature has given us is the consciousness to reflect and appreciate it all. This awareness is an epic feat of cosmological evolution so it’s a really good idea not to waste it.
Taking a few moments each day to give thanks for nature is a powerful practice that aligns you with your reason for being a human!
Tell me what in nature are you grateful for? Do you have a gratitude practice?
I’d love to know so please do reply and share.

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