Let’s not just walk past and say it’s a ‘nice flower’. Let’s stop and marvel and be fascinated and awed. 💜 Let’s share our amazement and rejoice in the wonder of the natural world that we inhabit. 🌍 Let’s excite our minds with talk of stardust turning into petals and sepals and pollinators and life in all forms. 🌟 Let our eyes light up and smiles broaden as we soak in the magnificence of all creation and dance or jump or run around in rapture. 😍 Let’s breathe deeply the essence of life and allow every inhale and exhale to be a prayer of thanks. 🙏🏾 Let’s slow down and really see this flower, this moment, this world as the miracle it is and feel our hearts expand with the sheer joy of it all. 💗

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