NormalMy perfect view every morning when I visit the patch of lemongrass to gather for tea.
I give thanks for the privilege of witnessing such beauty. It’s soul medicine that soothes my heartbreak as so much of nature (including human life) is being destroyed around the world and even in this paradise too.

One of my sacred responsibilities is to be a voice for nature and to help people live in greater alignment with the natural world. It’s a journey that I am living and learning more about everyday.

There are many challenges along the way as so many of us are held back from living our ideals due to lack of finances, community, support etc. It helps to remember that we are the generation that is part of a transition to a more harmonious, nurturing and positive human species. Although we may never see the outcome we desire, let’s keep working towards it anyway. Let’s stay focused, positive, united and open to new possibilities. And remember in this great healing work to nurture yourself too. Let burnout be a thing of the past.

On this day of the new moon rising I’m giving thanks for all that I do have and moving forwards with renewed energy. I wish so much goodness for all beings, everywhere. Onelove.

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