If you have any love for this beautiful planet we live upon and within, it is a heartbreaking time to be alive right now.

If your circle of compassion is wide enough to include people outside those of your friends and family, to other species, life forms and elements, you may be experiencing a level of heartache that has never been known before.

Every day we are faced with increased assaults on nature for the goal of profits and power. Those of us with a longer term vision, who care about the present AND the future are left reeling at the insanity of this short term gain mentality.

We vision solutions, we know there is a better way and it can be frustrating at times to feel powerless to make the big changes as we watch leaders who are actively tearing apart the world we treasure.

Anger and outrage are inevitable and indeed healthy reactions to injustice. They provide the spark for us to move from apathy to action and to, as Bob Marley sang, ‘Get up and Stand up for our rights’.

But these emotions are like the kindling to a fire, they will not sustain us long term and if we rely on them as our main fuel we will soon get burned out.

Our long term fuel is always love.

Our grief comes from love, our passion comes from love and we need to nurture our wellness by the love we receive from nature.

As important as it is to march in the streets, it is just as important to retreat to the forest, to replenish your spirit within the wilds of nature, to come home to a place our soul longs for.

In these times where the paradigm is shifting, we are all being called to become activists in some way.

And yet to make this transition, we need more than just resistance; we also need to have one foot in our ideal future which requires a nature-connected lifeway with a spirituality that is intimate with the Earth.

If you have any love for this beautiful planet we live upon and within, it is an amazing time to be alive right now. Let’s be the change. Together.


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