MayfairBIG ANNOUNCEMENT my friends. After 12 years of using Onelove Livity as my biz name I’ve felt the need to make a change. This site is now ‘Live Your Nature

I feel very liberated and excited by this new name which captures the essence of what I’ve been living and sharing for so many years.

And I’m happy to tell you that it was in collaboration with a tree that made this possible.

Wanna know the story?

Well for the last few months I’ve had murmurings from within that it was time to rename Onelove Livity. It’s a name that I started using back in 2005 but with the evolution of my work outside of the Caribbean I felt it was not communicating effectively enough what my work is about. I had to keep spelling it out for people and explaining the concept.

But the problem was I could not think of anything else that I was happy with so it remained.

Well in the first few days of the New Year I sat down and wrote 2 pages of possible names. They all sounded delicious but there was nothing that gave me that definite YES! feeling.

So in search of inspiration I went outside (note – going outside is a must whenever you are feeling a creative block of any kind)

I decided to hang out with a tangerine tree that I’ve developed a beautiful relationship with in recent weeks. (See this post for the lowdown on my tree kissing adventure)

After just a few moments of being with the tree I remembered a phrase I had used for a course last year – ‘Live Your Nature’

And as soon as I thought those 3 words I had a total, full-bodied, orgasmic YES!

So….Onelove Livity is now ‘Live Your Nature’

I’m super excited about this name and the creativity it has sparked within me. I feel renewed, reenergized and very grateful to my tree friend for the guidance.

I have many more updates to be done with lots of new natural living, rewilding, earth connecting inspiration so I’ll keep you posted.

Are you ready to ‘Live Your Nature’ full out?

Let’s do it together.

And this picture – it’s from my recent barefoot nature hike. This ‘wax apple’ tree has the most beautiful blooms before the fruits appear. As the petals fall it creates a lush pink carpet on the ground and the tree bulges with hundreds of fruits. Nature is awesome! Live Your Nature!



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