LudwigI’m literally ‘in my element’ in water. Water, in balance, is life giving, cleansing, refreshing, healing and endlessly fascinating.
It is useful in all its forms flowing effortlessly between states of liquid, solid and gas and yet it defies the rules of this shape shifting ability ~ water in liquid form is 10% denser than solid ice!
To watch the rainfall is to witness a miracle – a water cycle that moves the same water through history and geography with a speed ensured by unusually strong mutual attraction in water molecules that creates raindrops heavy enough to fall to the Earth.
And yet the water element carries a warning. Out of balance it is highly destructive – too much will wash away the strongest of structures, flood, ravage and reclaim – too little will cause drought, famine and disease.
Water is our reminder to stay in balance with nature, to flow rather than stagnate, to respect its pathways and cleanliness, to be mindful of even the thoughts we think – water absorbs it all.
Water is sacred life and I feel alive in her embrace and ready to surrender to her wisdom. @wildsoulwellness @goddess_rising @urbanpriestess1 @thesattvacollection_ @subjectiichange @umakjewelry @siannasherman ❤️💦



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