NormalSo today my ‘I AM Nature’ Affirmation Card was ‘I AM Nurturing. So as the afternoon was waning, I went into the garden to have some nature connection time and feel into this quality.

I began breathing in the nurturing, rich air all around me, looking at the dance of the trees in the wind, feeling the nurturing balance of nature. Within just a few minutes I felt a shift in my body – I felt lighter, more at ease, happier. I took off my shoes and began to sink them into the soil until the Earth called me to dance. I felt good to nurture my body with movement outside with all the positive energy of nature surrounding me.

Then my daughter, Keeyah, came to join me. We danced together, nurturing our relationship with chatting and laughter and picking old beans out from that patch of soil. We took handfuls of soil and smelled it because healthy soil contains a bacterium that activates serotonin production in the brain and makes us happier – it works like medicine!

Then my son came to join us and after a few moments of the crazies, I persuaded him to take off his shoes and get grounded in nature. The Earth is amazing to nurture children – a few minutes of barefoot running works wonders to balance the mood! We all ran around barefoot in the soil until it started to get dark and so we looked for dreams blowing in the wind and allowed some good ones to catch us and flow into our body so we would enjoy our sleep! (that was a fun new ‘imagination’ game that I think we’ll do more often)

In the shower I scrubbed my feet with the brush usually reserved for scrubbing the tiles! But this was a time to be grateful because this is not ‘dirt’ – this is the nurturing soil that gives us life, health and strength. It grows our food and grounds our feet. I feel so grateful to be nurtured by all aspects of nature and to be able to pass on that nurturing to my children so that they may learn to nurture nature and continue the cycle. Feeling uplifted, inspired and blessed!

This is how the ‘I AM Nature’ Affirmation Cards work  – you affirm and create space to see that quality working through you during the day. The image on the card is a starting point but you will start to see those qualities in the nature that is around you – and this can be in the very small details as well as big landscapes. As you connect with nature to receive that quality from the natural world, you are then able to embody it more in yourself. You then give thanks in appreciation and hold yourself in a vibration of love. Focusing intentionally on these experiences is a great way to end the day. Now I’m off to go dream those good dreams that I caught earlier…

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