MayfairThis morning my daughter told me we each had to pick 3 of the ‘I AM Nature’ affirmation cards. I drew out this combination – I AM Dynamic, I AM Magical, I AM Wild. In truth I felt none of these things…At that moment I felt tired and highly domesticated. But I said the affirmations and turned to nature to show me. So after a day of housework we went down to my favourite hot water pools, it only took minutes for a transformation to happen.

Firstly, as I’ve shared in previous posts, this place is truly magical and my spirits were rejuvenated by the beauty of nature all around. I bathed under dynamically flowing cold water which revived me on all levels. We splashed and danced on the Earth and the children fetched mud for me to rub all over my body and embrace my wild animal nature. So yes now I can say and feel within that I AM Dynamic, I AM Magical, I AM Wild! ⚡️🌚🐺

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