NormalThe morning after.

The full moon last night was ecstatically awesome. I had such a magical experience in the mud pools and hot tubs close to my home.

I remember living in the city and following the moon through tower blocks to get a good view, standing next to a major road in awe of the moonlight while everyone else walked or drove by at fast pace.

I enjoyed that connection immensely but now I get to dance outside with liberated wildness, soak in the rays that make everything glow silver with little competition from excessive street lighting. For this I am so very grateful.
The moon magnified my energy last night and seeing it again first thing this morning was a gift. I feel bad for those who missed it either way.

I was reflecting last night that as much as so many people are unaware of the enormity of our devastating environmental situation and the serious dangers we are facing as a species and planet, there also seems to exist an unawareness of how GREAT life can feel when we tune in to our wellness and build a relationship with nature.

As much as I’d like people to wake up and make changes in our world immediately based on facts I know that this is highly unlikely and anyway we really don’t want to go down the direction of making changes through fear and despair. Instead the more we cultivate this beautiful relationship with the natural world and uplift our wellness (in ways that may be currently unimaginable) our desire to nurture, protect and regenerate that source of life will flow with passion and strength and our changes will be made with love and ultimately more sustainable and satisfying.

I’ve made my choice and I’m here to support those who are ready to create a path of wellness and wonder, wherever you live. 🙏🏾



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