Welcome to Forest Bathing Dominica

In Forest Bathing we walk in a relaxed & mindful way to experience the rejuvenating benefits of nature connection for our mind, body and spirit.

Forest Bathing is not about getting wet in the woods! Instead we soak in the natural ambience of the forest, allowing the sights, sounds and all our senses to replenish us.

Forest Bathing is the translation of the Japanese term ‘Shinrin Yoku’ – a widely respected and scientifically validated practice of mindfulness in nature.

Under the natural peacefulness of the forest canopy you will be guided to explore mindfulness activities that open the senses and calm the mind.

Forest Bathing will enable you to slow down, honor your intuition, and experience your deep interconnection with the natural web of life.

Once these practices are learned, they can be repeated in any environment to release stress and nurture wellbeing.


Deep Relaxation
Enriches Wellbeing
Increases Creativity
Heightens Perception
Enhances Brain Power
Boosts Immune Health
Reduces Stress
Increases Gratitude

Walk with me..

Your forest bathing experience takes place in the beautiful mountain village of Wotten Waven on segment of the Waitikubuli National Trail.

Before we begin, we will meet for a juice and quick chat to get to know each other.

Then we will walk into the trail which is where the magic starts to happen. I will guide you through activities all along the trail. A journal is provided for you to write about your experiences.

We cover a short distance at an easy pace. The focus is not on hiking somewhere as fast as we can. In forest bathing we slow down to observe the details, step mindfully amidst the flora and fauna and become at one with the nature around us.

Unlike most other forest bathing experiences which stay only on dry land you will literally bathe in the hot water sulphur spa of Ti Kwen Glo Cho after we have completed our journey in the forest. The pools, tubs, mud baths and waterfalls are located in beautifully sculpted gardens, providing the opportunity to immerse even more in the beauty of nature, soak in soothing waters and luxuriate to your hearts content.

All Forest Bathing Sessions include:

Welcome Juice and introductory session

Forest Bathing journal

3 hours of Forest Bathing Guided Experience

Entrance to ‘Ti Kwen Glo Cho’ Sulphur Springs

Costs per person (in US$):

1 person = $70
2-5 = $60
6-10 = $40

To book your session please Contact Me


The Live Your Nature Forest Bathing Experience is



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