With the weather hot, hot, hot, what better way to cool down than a trip to the Emerald Pool. Keeyah and Amarii were super excited as they have not been for over a year and were keen to see what bits they remembered.

We started in the interpretation centre which was a fun overview of the site. Embarking on the 5-minute trail to the pool we were greeted by the Soufle Montagne (mountain whistler) bird, making the loudest call we’ve ever heard. Then they found a gommier tree and sniffed up it’s beautiful smelling gum.

These children then raced ahead of me on the trail…no more holding hands and making sure they don’t trip…instead I have to caution them about slippery leaves on the track and race to catch up!
The pool was magnificent. Super cold and refreshing. The waterfall felt like acupuncture needles when we got close. Keeyah was a mermaid, Amarii was a fish. We walked a new way back to the entrance and delighted in finding amazing viewpoints and great picnic spots for future trips. Being out in nature is reviving on all levels.

Giving Thanks.

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