Breakfast at the sit spot. It’s not a fancy bowl of carefully chopped fruits, arranged artfully with superfoods sprinkled on top. But eating these 3 simple fruits means so much to me. They are all local ~ the papaya came from this back garden whilst the banana and pineapple from farmers nearby. 🍌🍍🍌 Eating locally produced, in season food was one of the main reasons I chose to move to the tropics years ago. My body needed the majority of my food to be grown in the same land that I stood on at the same time of year I was living in, rather than airfreighted in after being refrigerated for months. I am so grateful to eat these fruits and all of the food that is grown in this beautiful country. 🙏🏾 This food is sacred, my nourishment and my blessing. It is my prayer for all to be nourished with healthy, vibrant, wholesome foods. I give thanks to the farmers around the world growing local foods, the permaculture teachers, community activists planting gardens in the city and all those who help the health of the people and the land thrive in harmony. 💛❤️💚

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