MayfairCollecting and drinking spring water is a big priority for me this year onwards. Our home water is from a very fresh source but still has chlorine sporadically put in it so I want to ensure that I’m drinking wild water only. We are blessed to have 3 springs within walking and short driving distance so no excuses! My neighbour across the road has her water sourced from a fresh stream so that’s a very close back up. In fact that is where I am heading now as our water supply always has problems and we are often days without running water. So I’m filling up all my large bottles over and over again to wash up and bathe. This can be a big inconvenience but it’s good to have inconveniences to interrupt comfort zone patterns. It’s a great natural exercise to carry the water across and right now the sun is shining on the pipe so I’ll be getting my dose of morning sun too. Triple whammy of wild health!!



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