Coal pot cooking on the step outside my kitchen. This pot is full of rice for the little puppies I’m fostering and trying to find homes for (see my pic a few days ago). When it cools down I’ll add some puppy chow and go up the hill to feed them.

I dream of these pups every night and I’ve come to love them all so dearly. Praying with the manifesting energy of the full moon to find caring homes for each of them and for the obstacles to be removed so that we can have a little one to join us as our own family member.

On another note, in the last few days I’ve been watching videos on starting fire from scratch and I’m looking forward to trying this out. I’d like to make a bow or pump drill or use stones and kindling but I think I have some extra challenges in the rainforest where everything is almost always wet – even with matches this little coal pot fire has been hard to start. I’ll keep ya posted on my fire starting success in the coming weeks!!

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