NormalAh! Let me tell you about last night. We were soaking in the hot sulphur waters into the late evening enveloped by the sounds of nature – the orchestra of night creatures blended with the river running by with melodic calmness. As the sky became darker, more stars became visible – they were really bright and plentiful. I was craning my neck to look up at them but not wanting to submerge my head as I’d just done the weekly wash of my hair a few hours earlier! But then I remembered – life is fleeting, it’s important to treasure each moment and do what it takes to gather delicious memories. How could I possibly let the triviality of my hair stop me from immersing in this beautiful magic? Ha! So I floated and watched the sky up above, looking at our ancient beginnings and feeling so ecstatic to know that I was once a piece of stardust that can now look back and be conscious of where I came from. Oooh so delicious to surrender my body to the wisdom of the Earth and the water. The children splashed me out of my reverie and we swam, played, doused in cold water, and sleepily carried ourselves home. I hope my children will remember these moments of their childhood but even if they don’t remember the details, I hope that these blissful feelings are imparted into their cellular memory and shapes them to always want to live in harmony with nature as I do.

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