4.6 Billion Years ago a new form was birthed into the Universe. Gravity gathered elements from the bellies of stars and spun them together into a special sphere that could move through space and time. That original form, more than any baby, evolved beyond recognition from where she started.

Change, change, change, so much change. Transformation and Metamorphosis are her middle names.

Chemical combinations, cosmic collisions, powerful pressures and tremendous temperatures. Yet amid the turbulence and chaos, magic was woven into the mix to create conditions for life as we know it to emerge.

Earth has created, tested, killed off and recreated life in many forms and there is no end to the creativity she spawns. So here I am as one of her creations, her progeny, and a cell in her great body, with some awareness of her great story. My hands dig into the earth of the Earth and I give thanks. The Stevia plant here, just one of her many chlorophyllic lifeforms, offers sweetness to my tongue while the rich soil magnifies happiness endorphins in my brain. The Earth grounds me, feeds me, heals me, energizes me and makes me whole.

I can refer to her as a feminine being, I can call her Mama but I cannot anthropomorphize her – she is beyond such restrictive definitions. She is wilder, more creative, unpredictable, powerful, enduring and much more besides. I am a mere vessel for some of that energy, a speck on her timeframe hoping that my small life makes a meaningful contribution to thank her for the gift of this miraculous Earthly experience.

I am forever grateful that in the vast expansiveness of the Universe, among galaxies and solar systems, my home, our home, is Earth. 🌍

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