MayfairThis is not just another barefoot for 5 minutes in nature moment, I’m celebrating a milestone of doing my first full barefoot hike! 👏🏽 We walked about 2 hours in total and my feet traversed terrains of rocks, grass and mud gleefully barefoot. I was way slower than the rest of the group who were walking with shoes but I felt so beautifully immersed in the forest that I didn’t want to rush anyway! Barefootness demands more presence and awareness.

My current walking sandals are really rigid and I felt as if I had a splint tied to the bottom of my foot! I had no grip or sensation from the ground that would guide me on how to move. So I put my resolution to the test and did it all barefoot. Yay! This year I really want to develop my feet to be able to do this on every nature hike! I’m saving for a pair of vibram five fingers that I can wear when shoes are required so that I can continue to develop my strong and healthy barefoot life!



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