MayfairNo matter what else is going on, if the rain is pouring, if I’m late for a meeting, if the children are calling, if the kettle is whistling, no matter what, I will always stop to smell the roses.

I take in the divine fragrance, contemplate the magic of such a scent, feel the soft petals against my lips and marvel at it’s delicate beauty while being careful not to get pricked by its thorns! It’s a 2 minute nature connection practice that gives me an enormous boost in my day. My senses are awakened. I am alive.

So often we miss the beauty and sensory enhancing capacities of our world because we are rushing, too busy, it’s not convenient to stop.

I’m may be as guilty as anyone else at time but I’m aware and I try and smelling the roses is totally non-negotiable.
What is your must-do nature moment?


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