Sitting at the edge of a forest watching in active meditation at this rich ecosystem. I noticed this little home in the tree. I say home rather than hole because it is home to some creature, maybe a crab or snake. Maybe it’s home to fungi and worms. Maybe to fairies and pixies. It’s a natural home and we as humans need to respect that.
This land is protected, for now. But so much if our natural habitat all over the world has been destroyed by a hungry system needing the medicine of nature but seeking false gratification in economic materialism and egoic power. But this is a time of transition. This is the time where we rise up as the immune system of Gaia and turn the system around to a new dream. Imagine your best version of a world that works for all creatures, plants and elements. It is possible. It starts with being in nature. Noticing. Paying attention to the natural world. Receiving the immense healing and intelligent wisdom. Giving thanks and giving back.

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